Honor Classes: '2's & 7's 1942 ~ 1947 ~ 1952 ~ 1957 ~ 1962 ~ 1967 ~ 1972 ~ 1977 1982 ~ 1987 ~ 1992 ~ 1997 ~ 2002 ~ 2007 ~2012 Guest Speaker: Charlie Thompson Class of 1981 to speak for Alumni 2022. Pastor Charlie Thompson graduated from EA in 1981. While attending Union College, he met Trish Reed. They fell in love, got married, and now have three daughters and two grandchildren. In 1980, Charlie worked as a counselor at Broken Arrow Ranch. That summer changed his life! Nearly every summer following, he has worked or assisted with summer camp ministry. Through the years Pastor Charlie and Trish have followed God's leading at: Associate Pastor at Wichita South church (1986-1988) Crawford, Chadron, Haysprings and Gordon NE district (1990) Youth Director, KS/NE Conference (1991-1996) Youth Pastor, Frederick MD (1997-2000) Youth Director Indiana Conference (2001- present)


Through the years, Charlie and Trish have formed a team approach to ministry. In particular they have focused on mentoring youth and young adult leaders. Empowering young people to do God's will has been the highest calling God has placed on them. Pastor Charlie is an avid (but not terribly talented!) road and mountain bike cyclist. He enjoys working with reclaimed lumber and creating barn doors and furniture. Most importantly, He and Trish look forward to seeing Jesus face-to-face when He comes to take us home to heaven.