A Letter from Your President: COVID-19
As I am sure most of you are aware of the COVID-19 outbreak that has begun to overtake our world. Because of the virus, we need to update you on what is happening with our alumni. We want to take the utmost care in dealing with this situation. As the Executive Committee met and talked over the possibilities of how to take care of all who are involved, we decided that at this juncture, even though the outbreak has not been widespread as of now; we decided that steps needed be taken for those of you that were coming from all the country to safeguard against us added to the outbreaks that are happening. We do not want any of us to be the one that would maybe carry this virus back to the state that you live in. Or even us carrying it into the academy without us being aware that we might be sick. I know the Enterprise church will be grateful that we are taking these measures to be cautious.
Our hearts are saddening as we have to make this decision to cancel the alumni program. Everything was ready to go and we were waiting for the weekend to arrive.
Be of good cheer! Good things can come out of bad circumstances. The Executive Committee has come up with a plan. Since we do not know how long this virus will last, we have decided to not have an alumni weekend this year. There is good news that comes along with the alumni for this year though. We are going to honor you next year along with the honor years of the 1's and 6's. The 0's and 5's will need to come and join in on the fun of next years alumni program. After all, you will know that class that right next to your year, and will really have a lot of catching up to do.
Several had planned to go on the train ride, so we will make sure that it is available next year as well.
Thank you to everyone who was so willing to help and participate in this year's alumni. We will be looking forward to seeing each of you next year. To the alumni at large, we need to see each one of you as well to make this program a successful one.
May the Lord bless you and keep you until we can meet next year is my prayer.
Glenda Thomas
Alumni President

Guest Speakers: Wilma (Burton) & Doug Bing Class of 1980

Doug Bing was born and raised in Kansas.  His family moved to Enterprise to be close to Adventist Education when Doug was in second grade.  Doug then completed elementary school in Enterprise Adventist Elementary School and then enrolled at Enterprise Academy.  During his freshman year he met Wilma and started a friendship with her that year that would eventually turn to romance.  Upon graduation in 1980 Doug and Wilma who were dating at that time enrolled in Union College and continued to date.  In 1989 the Kansas Nebraska Conference assigned Doug to the Memorial church in Omaha Nebraska where he served for 9 months.  He then returned to Enterprise Academy to serve as pastor, chaplain and Bible teacher.  From there the moved to Wichita South Church to serve as pastor.  In 2001 they received an offer to serve as Ministerial director in the Washington Conference located close to Seattle.  He has served as ministerial director, and Vice president for Administration and currently serves as the President of the Washington Conference.  Wilma has served as an associate pastor for the past 16 years at Auburn Adventist Academy church.  They are the proud parents of three children.  Eric is a 2nd year medical student.  Kaleigh is a 3rd year pharmacy student and Ryan is a senior Theology and Business student. 

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