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2020 Schedule

TRAIN RIDE: Boarding at 1 PM, Friday April 10, boarding will be in Abilene, just south of the Eisenhower Center, 200 SE 5th. (See Home Page)
REGISTRATION: Registration starts at 4:00 PM, Friday going through the day on Sabbath. It will be in the church foyer.
ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING/SUPPER: The annual business meeting and supper will be at 6:00 PM Friday. The meeting will take place in the fellowship hall of the church. (Cost of Meal $7.50: Baked Penne Pasta, Salad, Dessert, & a Drink)
FRIDAY VESPERS: 7:30 PM, will be held in the Church Sanctuary.
CHURCH SERVICE: 10:30 AM, between S.S. and Church there will be a roll call, in which the honor classes will be recognized. (Honor Classes make sure your classmates are in the sanctuary at this time). The worship service will start right after the roll call.
SABBATH LUNCH: Lunch will be served in the fellowship hall of the church. (Haystacks with suggested cost of $7.50)
SABBATH AFTERNOON: 2:00 PM, Honor classes will have a designated room in which their class will meet and have their honor class pictures taken there as well.
SABBATH AFTERNOON SLIDESHOW: A Slideshow of Honor Classes will be showing in the church sanctuary throughout the afternoon.
SABBATH VESPERS: 6:30 PM, will be held in the Church Sanctuary.
FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP: There will be food available to purchase in the fellowship hall, along with time for fellowship with friends and family.
SILENT AUCTION:  One of the activities for Saturday evening of alumni will be a silent auction. We are asking for you to get items/baskets ready to be sold during the auction. Please bring your items Saturday evening of alumni to the church fellowship hall. This is a great opportunity to work with your class in preparing a basket or for individuals to bring special items that could become someone else’s treasures. All proceeds from the auction will go to the alumni association to help with the expenses of alumni weekends. Auction Ideas: EA/GPA Mementoes – Bake Goods – Themed Baskets – Homemade Items
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